Save the stress.

Our submissions are simple


How easy it works

What is your DV

Determine the Declared Value (DV) of the cards you want to grade. Once you have this, you’ll know what service level to use.

Log Cards on Site

Once you have your cards and desired service level, create an order and log your cards on our website. Each service level will require a separate order.

Get a Price

Know your estimated price which includes return shipping. We HATE hidden fees so we don’t have them.

you don’t pay until we do, which is after the grades pop at PSA!

Ship Your Cards

Ship via USPS or FedEx and we’ll take it from here! Remember to include your name and order number in the package!

Get Updated

We’ll email you throughout the process so you’ll always know where your cards are in the grading process.


Once the grades are available at PSA, we will send you a link to see your grades! You can then determine if you want to consign some, all, or none.

Our Service Levels

Based on the declared value, we have different minimum day pricing. Turnaround times are estimates from PSA and are not guaranteed. Estimated days include business days only. Please expect delays when submitting in bulk service level.

Cards Graded

Awaiting Grades

Consigned Cards

Consignment Sales


Sold Price You Receive
Under $10 $3 flat fee
$10 to $49.99 82%
$50 to $99.99 84%
$100 to $199.99 85%
$200 to $499.99 86%
$500 to $999.99 87%
$1000 to $2999.99 88%
$3000 to $4999.99 90%
$5000 to $8999.99 92%
$9000 plus 93%
No Paypal Fees Involved